ShriTeq 2022

October 12th, 2022

Teams from The Shri Ram School, Moulsari and Vasant Vihar, after participating in 14 events over the course of 16 days, finished as runners-up in ShriTeq 2022.

Notable results

1st place, Hackathon: Aarav Wadhwani (grade 12), Ritwic Verma (grade 11), Varun Sahni (grade 10), Aarush Aggarwal (grade 9) and Shreedhar Raj (grade 9).

1st place, Middle Image-ination: Ishika Jain (grade 8) and Sumaya (grade 6)

1st place, Middle Web Design: Amaira Kapoor and Kartikeya Shastri (grade 8)

2nd runners-up, Senior Quiz: Kartik Pathak (grade 11), Aaron Anand (grade 9), and Vansh Jagtiani (grade 9).

Runners-up, Crypt Hunt

2nd runners-up, Middle quiz: Anshuman Tanwar, Agrim Jain, and Attharv Bhagchandka (grade 8)

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