Pathways School Gurgaon Hackathon - Ek Pehchan

August 9th, 2023

At Pathways School Gurgaon’s ‘Ek Pehchan’ event, our four-member team emerged victorious for their app. Tasked with building an app to assist an NGO within 2 hours, they developed a platform which allowed the NGO to enhance their educative process through assessments, doubt forums, video chats, and study guides; and to help incentivise studying through gifts.

The team consisted of

  1. Aaryan Singh Chadha (grade 11)
  2. Saina Bhatia (grade 11)
  3. Anav Gupta (grade 10)
  4. Shreedhar Raj (grade 10)

You can see the team’s project here.

Email in case you have any queries about the society or the website.