Exun @ DPS RK Puram

November 14th, 2022

TSRS Moulsari sent multiple teams to Exun 2022, DPS RK Puram’s inter-school technology competition.

The hackathon team, consisting of Arjun Sharma (Grade 11), Aarush Aggarwal (Grade 9), Kierat Singh (Grade 9) and Shreedhar Raj (Grade 9) were the winners of the hackathon, for their machine learning-based mental health mobile app. They had reached the final round after clearing the preliminary stage with their futuristic web3-based game platform.

The quiz team consisting of Aaron Anand and Romir Kumar cleared a challenging preliminary round to make it to the final round of the quiz.

Vedant Garg (grade 7) also made it to the final round of the PC gaming event.

Teams also represented the school at the PC Gaming, Surprise Gaming, Turing Test, Rubik’s Cubing, and SudoCrypt events.


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