AI Week 2023

April 21st, 2023

Building on the success of AI Day from last year, the ICT department and Megabyte co-organised our school’s first-ever AI Week from Monday, 17th April to Sunday 21st April.

A key focus of AI Week was educating the student body about the working of AI, and learning how to identify and responsibily use AI-generated content.

Over the course of the week, hundreds of students from all grades interacted with installations which exposed them to the capabilities, benefits, and potential risks of AI. These included:

  • Real-time interactive voice clones of celebrities, which helped students understand the risks of the increasing realism of AI-generated media. Developed by Ritwic Verma and Arjun Sharma.
  • Fake or Monet?, an interactive installation in which students attempted to pick between real paintings and those generated by a neural network. Developed by Ritwic Verma and Arjun Sharma
  • Scroobly, an augmented reality platform which showed the ability of AI to intelligently supplement their own movements with their own artwork. Sourced from
  • The Infinite Drum Machine, a tool which allowed students to creatively generate beats using everyday sounds. Sourced from Experiments with Google.

You can learn more about the installations with the accompanying posters that were put up next to them.

An exciting activity was organised in the CT period in which classes attempted to distinguish between AI-generated songs and human-generated ones, the platform for which was developed by Varun Sahni from grade 11.

Posters were put up around school explaining the working of ChatGPT, dos and don’ts for using it, and helpful tips to get started.

The week culminated with a talk in the assembly, in which Ritwic Verma (Head of ICT) and Arjun Sharma (Head of Megabyte) instructed the student body on how to engage safely and responsibly with AI. It included a discussion of the ethical implications of these technologies, and how they as students can ethically use them to improve their own lives.

We hope that AI Week helped make the student body better equipped survive in a world increasingly dominated by AI, and be better prepared to avail the benefits of this new technology. We look forward to how we can continue to responsibly embrace progress in the future.

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