AI Day 2022

May 13th, 2022

Members of the computer society and the ICT department co-organised the school’s first-ever AI Day on the 13th of May.

During junior and senior long lunch, multiple installations were set up in cluster A to demonstrate the capabilities of applications of AI. These included:

  • An interactive display that prompted students to identify real human faces from AI-generated ones (developed by Rohan Kapur)
  • An AI-powered story generator, which generates short stories from a given set of 4 words (developed by Arjun Sharma)
  • A piano built of foil and circuits and attached to the foil that plays musical notes when stepped upon (developed by Dhruv Kapur)
  • An AI-powered orchestra, in which a laptop webcam would track a user’s body movement and automatically change the behaviour of a virtual orchestra connected to a speaker system. (sourced from experimentswithgoogle)

The organising team consisted of Rohan Kapur (Head of ICT), Advay Gupta (grade 12), Arjun Sharma (grade 11), and Dhruv Kapur (grade 9).

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